Logistics flow

Packaging, storage and handling

Packaging, storage and handling of chemical products for manufacturers and wholesalers.

Maximum security

Warehouse guarded 24h

We have high security measures and surveillance in our warehouse to ensure control of your goods.

Security and control

We have all the emergency systems and comply with all regulations for hen efficient response in case of incidents.


CISTERNAS DEL VALLÈS, S.A. Activities storage, packaging and dissolved chemicals and storage and transfer of mineral oils used in their facilities on María Curie Street, 33 of Berberà del Vallés

Recognizing that our activities can interact with the environment, with adecuats seek methods to reduce environmental effects, using the best available technology economically viable to bring an improvement in terms of our actions through systems environmental management.

In particular, CISTERNAS DEL VALLÈS, S.A. :

  • ➣ Meet and, whenever possible, to transcend the legistació requirements, regulations and other environmental requirements that the company subscribes or are required by stakeholders and at the same time establishing its rules, where there is none, or may occur in the future.
  • ➣ Reduce as far as possible, the consumption of natural resources, especially water and electricity, as well as all kinds of waste emissions generated in the operations conducted by the company, taking into account the economic impact.
  • ➣ Strive constantly to improve their environmental efficiency, giving preference to the actions of pollutant source reduction, reuse and recycling on and, particularly, on the disposal of waste.
  • ➣ We evaluate the environmental effects of activities to control and prevent impacts on the environment and has attention to the prevention of pollution of soil, air and water.
  • ➣ Measures are taken to prevent accidents and limiting their consequences in order to protect people, property and the environment.
  • ➣ Recognizes that the involvement of employees is essential to the continuous improvement of the environmental organization and the success of its management system and environmental audit. Promoting mutual information between managers and their employees.
  • ➣ If our activities lead to the need to use the services of other companies, ensuring that its environmental policies conform to our own.

Apply environmental management principles and practices, according to the current EMAS Regulation (UE) 2017/1505 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the voluntary participation in a Community eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS), to carry out commitments and power, thus achieving environmental objectives and demanding accessible to the public. These targets will be reviewed annually, to the extent possible, quantified and controlled.

You may obtain a copy of our environmental policy, getting in touch with the director of the Environment. Similarly, you can get information about the objectives and review of our environmental activities.