Logistics flow

Packaging, storage and handling

Packaging, storage and handling of chemical products for manufacturers and wholesalers.

Maximum security

Warehouse guarded 24h

We have high security measures and surveillance in our warehouse to ensure control of your goods.

Security and control

We have all the emergency systems and comply with all regulations for hen efficient response in case of incidents.


CISTERNES DEL VALLES, SA, Management believes that the prevention of occupational risks concerning health and safety of all employees in the exercise of their work is an important objective to achieve.

That is why the Department, to integrate risk prevention in each of the processes and operations that are carried in tanks DEL VALLES, SA considers it a priority to have the full commitment of all its commanders and managers to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and enforcing compliance procedures and work instructions.

We must also have the cooperation and participation of all staff in the observation and compliance with rules and regulations for the prevention, detection of hazardous conditions and unsafe actions, informing them of whom depends, and providing suggestions to adopt preventive and improvements to improve working conditions, reducing injuries and possible damage to property or assets tANKS DEL VALLES, SA and its customers.

From this direction, we are confident that all employees will join this personal commitment to the prevention of occupational risks as a way of life.