Logistics flow

Packaging, storage and handling

Packaging, storage and handling of chemical products for manufacturers and wholesalers.

Maximum security

Warehouse guarded 24h

We have high security measures and surveillance in our warehouse to ensure control of your goods.

Security and control

We have all the emergency systems and comply with all regulations for hen efficient response in case of incidents.

Mission of CISVASA

"The mission of our company is to respond to the needs of our clients, and continuously improve the quality of our services. Achieving this, economic returns, welfare and development of all employees and active contribution to society "

Scope of the mission:


Meet customer needs. Continuous improvement of our services.


Repayment of shareholder capital.


Contribution to the development of people in a good working environment.


Active contribution to the community.

Departments involved in the mission:

Missions intertwined:

Commitment to customers

  • Maintaining a relationship of trust.
  • Understand and engage in solving their problems.
  • To propose and implement technical improvements and service.
  • -Quality and compliance deadlines.
  • Be flexible to the demands of the client.
  • Design and propose improvements.
  • -Clarity and transparency with customers.
  • -it seeks solutions to your needs.

The Commitment property

  • Ensuring the control and management of operational information.
  • -Optimitzar management costs.
  • -Aportar value talent development and organizational improvements.
  • Control and optimize the efficiency of hours spent and logistics costs.
  • -Productivitat and efficient use of resources.
  • Provide useful information for decision making.
  • Ensure return on investment.
  • -Fiabilidad and punctuality.
  • Ensuring the optimization of working capital.

Commitment with employees

  • Support mutual Production - Warehouse Administration - Finance.
  • -Good treatment and respect for people.
  • -Development of skills and internal rotation.
  • Training and continuous improvement in quality and safety Occupational Hazards - Environment.
  • Ensuring the existence of a good working environment.
  • To promote and reward job skills and personal development.
  • -Autonomia and personal responsibility.
  • Continuous improvement and recycling periodic training.

Commitment to Society

  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • -Optimitzar energy use and recycling.
  • To promote and maintain good environmental practices.
  • -Compliment ethical principles.